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We are always prepared to give all the support no matter whether if you need admin support, sourcing for talents, or even building your profile in the market.

Virtual Backroom

Having competent support staff can make a world of difference to your practice and its potential for growth. Our team understands how to manage legal operations and is experienced in legal project management. We can help you start and manage your practice virtually, providing you with the support you need from the get-go without the high overheads and operational frenzy.

How We Can Help?
Chambers Lab takes the off independent lawyers and small law firms by providing services to help you build and/or manage your practice.


We know the A to Z when it comes to setting up new legal practices. Apart from incorporating a new law firm, we can set up the following based on your strengths and preferences:
  • IT equipment and solutions;
  • Legal practice management solutions;
  • Legal accounting solutions;
  • Office stationery;
  • Template documents;
  • Workflow setup;
  • Legal knowledge management solutions


We can help run your practice on a day-to-day basis, from intake to invoice. Our services include:
  • Conflict checks and client onboarding;
  • Data entry;
  • Document and matter management;
  • Legal project management services;
  • Sourcing for litigation support;
  • Printing and scanning;
  • Office administration;
  • Invoicing and account management;
  • Vendor management.

Business Development

Chambers Lab supports David Grief International Consultancy in the delivery of bespoke business development strategies and services for independent lawyers, arbitrators, and boutique law firms.

How We Can Help?

Business Development Services

Our services include:
  • LinkedIn and CV review;
  • Content management;
  • Business plan development;
  • Website development and brand design;
  • Strategic and advisory services on opportunities for new briefs, speaking engagements, thought leadership, features and collaborations.

Depending on your BD requirements, we may also partner with trusted third-party service providers to deliver the relevant services.

Managed Team

We are always sourcing for the best talents across Asia, so that you have access to the right talent with the right skillset at the right price and the right time. No more high overheads and mismatched expectations.

At Chambers Lab, every brief is treated as a unique project. We help you build the right team for each project, and manage the team on your behalf to ensure that quality work is produced and project milestones are met.

We have a proven track record of delivering such services to leading Silks and lawyers in Singapore, Australia and United Kingdom.

How We Can Help?

Creating Your Ideal Managed Team

5 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Managed Team
  • We organise a preliminary meeting with you to understand the project brief; the assistance required; and the estimated project duration.
  • We source for the right talent and build a project team based on your specification.
  • We send you a cost proposal and the portfolio of every proposed team member for your consideration and approval.
  • We onboard you and the approved project team onto your preferred communication channel, making sure that everyone is clear on the brief, their roles, and the project milestones.
  • We help you manage the project and ensure that all communications, information and documents generated from the project will be properly captured in a secure manner.

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