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Chambers Lab is on a mission to create a happier
legal industry.

We achieve that by helping lawyers practice better by deploying the perfect blend of legal innovation, technology infusion, and talent engagement.
Founded by thought leaders who believe that the practice of law should be easy, effective, and most importantly, enjoyable.

The reality

is that lawyers are often:


have experienced mental ill-health i.e., anxiety, low mood and depression in the past 12 months before completing the survey.

However hard you work,

your future prospects look bleak

Becoming your own boss

is one way to solve the problem.
But with it comes a whole

load of baggage.

Staffing Issues
I can't function without my secretary!
Huge Overhead Costs
A decent secretary would already cost me $$$.
Lack of Resources
I need a big team of lawyers!
Longevity & Viability
How am I going to get cases on my own?

Plug & Play solutions

so that you can focus on your case & spend less time doing busy work

Virtual Backroom

We run the legal backroom for you like a well-oiled machine. We take care of all your secretarial and office operational needs, so you can focus on what you do best – practice law.

Business Development

We want to help you grow your portfolio across Asia Pacific through careful implementation of business development strategies and processes.

Managed Team

Growing a law practice sustainably requires the support of good talents with the right expertise and experience to help you produce quality work and win cases.

Legal Innovation


Chambers Lab is created with a real passion for legal innovation and legal technology. We believe that digital transformation in the legal industry is a way forward.

Hear what our

happy clients

Chambers Lab is a brilliantly efficient and empowering solution to modern lawyering. A priceless tool for the 21st century lawyer.

Wong Thai Yong,

Counsel at Skanden Law LLC

Chambers Lab has been incredibly supportive in all that we do, from operations and knowledge management to technical support and marketing strategies. They are efficient and innovative, and most importantly, honest and holistic in their approach - A pleasure to work with.

David Grief,

CEO of David Grief International Consultancy

You deserve happiness.


Happier with

Chambers Lab

Ready to embrace transformation?

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